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Sina Bank Interest RatesSina Bank is a bank in Iran that began back in 1985. It is listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange and as at 2012 it had 274 branches nationwide.You can contact their telephone switchboard on:  (+9821) 8269Source: read more

Sina Bank Discussion Activity

  • Sina Bank 3 Month Fixed Term Deposit - Deposits
    Q: I am Jordanian living in Kuwait interested to open an deposit in your bank, so how can I do that?

    Reply Abdelwahab from Kuwait City, Kuwait
  • Deposits
    Q: hi I need some information about one term deposit . I am a Pakistani origin and live in united kingdom but I am interested to open one year fixed term deposit account .so kindly tell me what is the procedure . look forward to hearing from you . regards

    Reply RIAZ from United Kingdom
  • Sina Bank 1 Year Fixed Term Deposit - Deposits
    Q: Is it possible for foreigners to open fixed deposit account in Iran. If yes , then what is the procedure. Thanks.

    Reply Dinesh from New Zealand
  • Deposits
    Q: As a foreigner (Europe) can i open fix term deposit? can that be done online? Best regards P.

    Reply Bozzini from Tajikistan