Bank Pasargad Overview

Bank Pasargad was established in 2005 and is one of the main banks in Iran. There are 326 branches across the country in Tehran and the other major cities. There are also about 3,500 employees offering banking services to individuals and to business customers. It also offers investment banking servi... read more

Bank Pasargad Discussion

  • Q: what's the deposit term interest rate

    Reply abdulhossain from Brisbane, Australia
  • Q: I am Afghan citizen I live in Afghanistan, can I open an account in order to put some money as fixed deposits for long term and what is the interest rate of fixed deposits. Kind Regards,

    Reply Sediqi from Kabul, Afghanistan
    • R: i think its ok to open an account people in the gulf countries can and they do

      Reply maha
  • Q: Hi I am iranian citizen, I have heard that the banks in Iran are offering only 15% interest. What is your rate and conditions if I want to deposit high amount of money

    Reply Parham from London, United Kingdom